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Volume 2 Volume 1 This was done through simulation and the comparison of the three land cover scenarios such as land cover, projected land cover and desired land use to determine Read More The study aimed to determine the impact of sound land use management to the runoff in Kabuntalan, Maguindanao in Tamontaka river basin. This was done through simulation and the comparison of the three land cover scenarios such as land cover, projected land cover and desired land use to determine its difference in terms of runoff.

Based on the result, land cover values in runoff volume and peak outflow increase from land cover while decrease in desired land use. There is shorter time to peak in land cover than desired land use. The land cover, represented the land cover without intervention, showed that agriculture will dominate the area with The desired land use represented the sound land use management, showed that there will be This can, however, result to increase in close canopy forest The study showed that desired land use will most likely reduce the magnitude of the flood than the and land covers.

Thus, adopting sound land use management in Tamontaka river basin is crucial to reduce runoff and thereby mitigate flooding in the study area. The technology is also environmentally friendly with the wetlands being habitats for many water birds and other aquatic organisms. Read More The use of constructed wetlands for purifying pre-treated wastewater is a cost effective technology that has been found to be more appropriate for many developing countries. This study assessed nutrient removal efficiency of two floating macrophytes Lemna minor and Azolla pinnata.

The data generated was analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. The significance level was maintained at 0. The results showed that the wastewater physicochemical parameters did not vary during the study period. To the contrary, in all the treatments the concentrations of ammonia, total phosphorous, soluble reactive phosphorous and total nitrogen, decreased over the experimental period. We conclude that the two macrophytes are good for wastewater treatment. Field survey to examine the occurrence of microplastics in ancient sea water evaporation technology of ponds at Pallengu-Jeneponto, was conducted.

From this sea Read More Plastic pollution has universally known accumulated in all environment compartments and accelerating threat to the sustainability of earth. From this sea salt producing ponds, samples of water, sediment and freshly harvested salts were collected. Sixteen samples each of water and sediments and 12 salts were collected. From 16 water and sediment samples there are 31 microplastics item discovered in 11 water samples Fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy analysis has revealed polymers of polyvinyl acetate There was no significant difference found on microplasticss occurrence from 3 kinds of samples collected, although there was a decreasing trend of total microplastics found from water, sediment and salt.

The need for robust and practical strategy in water quality management for reduction of microplasticss contamination in consumed salts is a must. Therefore in this study, focused feasibility of cattle urine as a cheap source of nutrients for microalgal growth, because, it contains various minerals and Read More Thenutrient medium used for the cultivation of microalgae adds more cost to its value-added product as well as the commercial scale application.

Therefore in this study, focused feasibility of cattle urine as a cheap source of nutrients for microalgal growth, because, it contains various minerals and economical which may support the growth of microalgae and reduce the medium cost.

Environmental Pollution

To check this, fresh cattle urine was collected, characterized, diluted and inoculated microalgae species Oscillatoria-SRA Stagnant rainwater algae , Oscillatoria-CWA Cooum waste algae , Chlorella and Synecocystis separately and incubated under fluorescent light with 8 hours light and 16 hours dark cycle. The biomass was quantified after 15 days and found out variation in biomass quantity in all microalgae isolates. The maximum of 2. This study divulged that cattle urine alone is being able to support microalgae growth at a significant amount, thus convalescing industrial production of microalgae ultimately will reduce the cost of microalgal value-added products.

Twenty-two soil samples were collected within the Read More This study aimed to evaluate concentrations of selected heavy metals in the soils of Ilokun dumpsite and adjourning farmlands, and to determine as well levels of heavy metals uptake in various parts of Carica papaya plant collected from the dumpsite. Twenty-two soil samples were collected within the dumpsites and farmlands at depths of cm and cm. Evaluations of heavy metals Ni, Zn, Cd, Cr, Pb and Cu in soil samples and in different parts of Carica papaya plants were carried out using atomic absorption spectrophotometer.

The study revealed higher concentration of Pb in the dumpsite than the farmlands. Mean concentrations of Cd in the dumpsites; 2. Heavy metal uptake was highest in the plant parts compared to the dumpsites and farmlands. Based on the results, the various heavy metal could be classified as slight contaminants Pb, Cr and Ni , moderate contaminants Cu and Cd and severe contaminant Zn. Although concentrations of heavy metals in the farmlands were below the Department of Petroleum Resources and World Health Organisation allowable limits, monitoring the concentration profile of these heavy metals concentrations in the area is recommended to prevent detrimental effects on the environment.

In this study, a field-scale filter bed system was constructed to treat heavy metal Read More The use of amalgamation process to recover gold from mined ores by the small-scale gold miners in the Philippines and other developing countries produces and dispose of untreated wastewater to the receiving water bodies.

In this study, a field-scale filter bed system was constructed to treat heavy metal metal-laden wastewater collected from small-scale gold mining site in Paracale, Camarines Norte, Philippines. The filter bed system was consists of sedimentation tank and filter bed with Cocopeat, a by-product of coconut husk, as adsorbent. Physico-chemical parameters temperature, pH, oxidation-reduction potential, electrical conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, total dissolved solids, salinity, total suspended solids, color and heavy metal As, Ba, Cd, Hg, Pb concentrations were monitored during the 50 days experiment at a flow rate of 40 Liter per hour for 3 hours daily wastewater application.

Significant reduction was achieved on heavy metals; As Measured effluent physico-chemical parameters and heavy metal concentrations were within the respective regulatory limits. Other effluent parameters with strong correlation with total suspended solids such as turbidity and color, though not regulated, were reduced significantly.

All adsorbed heavy metals accumulated in the upper 25 cm of the Cocopeat column in the filter bed.

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Measured heavy metal concentrations in Cocopeat suggest that the adsorbent was not saturated and further application of small-scale gold mining wastewater is recommended to determine its useful life. Manipur River basin lies in the extreme northeast region of India nestled in the lesser Himalayan ranges and it is under severe pressure from anthropogenic and natural factors. Basin is un-gauged as Read More Hydrological components in a river basin can get adversely affected by climate change in coming future.

Basin is un-gauged as it lies in remote location and suffering from large data scarcity. This paper explores the impact of climate change towards understanding the inter-relationships between various complex hydrological factors in the river basin. An integrated approach is applied by coupling Soil and Water Assessment Hydrological Model and Hadley Center Coupled Model based on temperature, rainfall and geospatial data.

Future representative concentration pathways 2. Both annual mean temperature and annual precipitation is predicted to be increased by 2.

Environmental Pollution

This study highlights that change in meteorological parameters will lead to significant change in the hydrological regime of the basin. Runoff, actual evapotranspiration and water yield are expected to be increased by This study shows that water yield and evapotranspiration will be most affected by increase in precipitation and temperature in the upper and middle sub-basins.

Different region within the basin is likely to be affected by frequent landslides and flood in coming decades.

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A batch experiment was done at the initial nitrate concentration Read More Four diverse chlorides layered double hydroxides with diverse ratios, i. Kinetics of adsorption, temperature effect, nitrate adsorption in nitrate adsorption, simulated soil solution and desorption on Mg-Al-LDH were measured. Moreover, Mg-Al-LDH could exchange nitrate 20 times in different concentrations with no reduction in its adsorption capacity.

Read More This study seeks to provide insights on understanding the contemporary problems of energy efficiency in Ukrainian universities by developing a comprehensive energy efficiency management framework that encompasses its participating subjects, objects and key drivers along with suggesting its implementation mechanism and tools.

Emphasis should be given that the current situation of inefficient and irrational consumption of energy resources within the system of higher education in Ukraine challenges the development of an integrative approach to energy saving and energy efficiency management. It is argued that the key elements of this integrative approach to energy management are energy auditing, energy certification and energy monitoring based on the consistent use of ISO international standards.

This triggers a critical need to building an integrative approach to energy saving and energy efficiency management. The clustering method to assess 15 University buildings by 16 performance indicators identified 5 clusters in terms of energy consumption and energy efficiency. The recent advances in statistical modeling based on machine learning approaches have Read More Modern studies in the field of environment science and engineering show that deterministic models struggle to capture the relationship between the concentration of atmospheric pollutants and their emission sources.

Focus and Scope

The recent advances in statistical modeling based on machine learning approaches have emerged as solution to tackle these issues. It is a fact that, input variable type largely affect the performance of an algorithm, however, it is yet to be known why an algorithm is preferred over the other for a certain task.

The work aims at highlighting the underlying principles of machine learning techniques and about their role in enhancing the prediction performance. The study adopts, 38 most relevant studies in the field of environmental science and engineering which have applied machine learning techniques during last 6 years. The review conducted explores several aspects of the studies such as: 1 the role of input predictors to improve the prediction accuracy; 2 geographically where these studies were conducted; 3 the major techniques applied for pollutant concentration estimation or forecasting; and 4 whether these techniques were based on Linear Regression, Neural Network, Support Vector Machine or Ensemble learning algorithms.

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  • The results obtained suggest that, machine learning techniques are mainly conducted in continent Europe and America. Furthermore a factorial analysis named multi-component analysis performed show that pollution estimation is generally performed by using ensemble learning and linear regression based approaches, whereas, forecasting tasks tend to implement neural networks and support vector machines based algorithms.


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    Conventional steam activation was carried out via an initial carbonization of oil palm kernel shell to obtain biochar and thereafter steam Read More Conventional steam activation pyrolysis of waste materials such as oil palm kernel shell for production of biochar was investigated using central composite design.

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