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Our family recently spent time in Manhattan. We took several books with us, and this was the one we found most useful. It's not perfect -- I found myself flipping pages a lot to connect restaurants and attractions etc, but it was still so loaded with good info that I always took it with me when we went out.

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We found several good restaurants that were just as depicted though one was closed , and we chose several places to visit and were not disappointed. There's a good introductory chapter as well as excellent information about parks, playgrounds, restaurants, hotels, shopping, walks, entertainment and side trips. No pictures. Excellent resource. December 11, - Published on Amazon.

I needed a book on New York that would identify good restaruants to take kids before the theatre and so forth. This book gives chain restaurants think Chilis as suggestions to take kids New York City and I am going to a chain? I think not!! We didn't utilize this book.

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February 10, - Published on Amazon. August 24, - Published on Amazon. I was annoyed with myself when I received this book - it was published in ! We haven't gone to New York yet but I suspect there is a lot more to do these days.

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Silly me. Go to Amazon. So is the guide book dead? With the rise of travel apps and mobile devices, we have new ways of sourcing and carrying our information around. Perhaps guide book buyers are a dying breed.

And there are other companies out there still seeking the services of guide book writers — I know that for sure! Meanwhile, there are blogs and apps and all manner of new forms of writing to explore. I stopped writing for major metro dailies a few years ago when I saw the writing on the wall. Every time I take my boys to the library and I sniff in that wonderful book smell, I wonder if my boys will still have these when they have children. There has to be a point at which the pendulum swings back, right?

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Double-edged sword. Another sign of a changing world, and for me, a changing life. And I agree with you, Kris, there will be a balance at some point where we have the best of both worlds, print and electronic. At least I hope so.

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I stopped writing for newspapers a few years ago, too. The Living section is completely gone. I had such fun writing features and reviews. I feel lucky to have had the experience. Though I like writing online, I feel like I need to do everything I can to suport paper publishing which is why I still get the newspaper delivered, as slim as it is.

Give me paper anyday. Oh I will miss guide books too … already miss the thick travel sections in the newspapers.

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A sign of the times I guess. It would go into the eighth tutorial on guide book writing, writing apps and writing blogs. Actually, your blog is a great example of that form too so it would be doubly good to be able to link to it and might bring you some more followers. Let me know if that is OK by email or private message on FB. Hi Dan, will message you.