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The Mamluks are blue zombie soldiers that serve Mozenrath.

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The Mukhtar voiced by John Kassir is a reptilian humanoid, apparently the last surviving member of the race of Mukhtars, sworn enemies of Genies. Though Mukhtars would generally hunt Genies just for the honor, the last Muktar acknowledges that times have changed, and now he hunts Genies for gold.

Like Genie, he does not have a specific name. He is often seen riding on a horned reptilian ostrich named "Saurus". Saurus vocal effects provided by Frank Welker is a bipedal dinosaur-like creature with an eagle head and is the pet of the Mukhtar. He appears in "Genie Hunt" and "The Hunted". His name means "lizard" hence dinosaur meaning "terrible lizard". Phasir voiced by Ed Gilbert appears frequently through the series. His first appearance is in the episode "Do the Rat Thing", but he is not named or given any background until the episode "The Prophet Motive", where he is identified as Phasir, an old seer and powerful wizard who turned his evil giant brother Fashoom into stone many centuries ago.

The end of that episode also reveals that he actually has a single eye like a cyclops, but he wears bands over his one eye which makes him appear to be just blind it is never made clear whether he actually is blind or merely pretends to be in order to hide his eye. Later episodes, such as "Eye of the Beholder" and "While the City Snoozes" hint that Phasir has had dealings with Mirage in the past and they may have once been lovers he states to himself that love will one day lead Mirage back to him. Sadira voiced by Kellie Martin [14] is a sand witch introduced in the TV series.

She is a street rat like Aladdin whom she becomes infatuated with after he saves her from Razoul and after learning sand magic shortly afterwards tries to use her magic to win over Aladdin's heart. Sadira later reforms after her third attempt and becomes friends with Aladdin, Jasmine and the others. Sadira also appears in a cameo appearance in Aladdin and the King of Thieves attending Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding in the conclusion of the film.

Long before the events of the first film, he left his wife and newborn son in Agrabah in order to find the legendary Hand of Midas so that he could provide a better life for the poverty-stricken family, not wanting to be looked down upon. Some time later, he fell in with the Forty Thieves, eventually becoming their leader the "King of Thieves" , and incorporated a new law: never hurt the innocent. One of his goals is to find the Oracle that would guide him to the Hand.

Eventually, Cassim's travels brought him back to Agrabah, having learned that the Oracle was inside the Sultan's royal treasure room, ironically on his own son's wedding day to Princess Jasmine. Having his men create a distraction, Cassim infiltrates the treasure room and finds the Oracle, but is intercepted by Aladdin and the two fight, unaware that they are father and son, and Cassim is forced to retreat empty-handed. After the incident at the wedding, Aladdin uses the Oracle to learn that his father is alive and finds him with the Forty Thieves, only learning there and then that he is their leader.

He and Cassim finally meet when Sa'luk tries to mutiny and kill Cassim for their unsuccessful raid on the palace. Cassim avoids having Aladdin killed by having him fight Sa'luk.

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After Aladdin defeats Sa'luk by kicking him off a cliff, Cassim states that the Code of the 40 Thieves is clear on this point and states that he is in. Cassim and Iago found where the Oracle is only for them to be ambushed by Razoul and the Guards.

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When the Sultan learned that Cassim is the King of Thieves, he had no choice but to have Cassim and Iago locked in the dungeon with a life sentence. Returning to Mount Sesame, he finds that Sa'luk had turned 7 of the 40 Thieves that evaded capture against him. Sa'luk then has Cassim call the Oracle to guide them to the Hand of Midas.

The Oracle guides them to the Vanishing Isle a castle fortress attached on the back of a giant turtle. Cassim and Aladdin fight Sa'luk over the Hand of Midas which ends with Sa'luk accidentally turned to gold. Now realizing that his son is the treasure of his life, Cassim discards the Hand of Midas into the sea and reconciles with Aladdin, finally freed from his greed. Cassim also showed up to indirectly congratulate him after watching his and Jasmine's wedding from the shadows.

Since the Sultan decided to commute the sentence of life imprisonment in a exile, he leaves too soon to travel the world along with Iago, who thinks he's finally found a great companion. However, just like Aladdin and Genie, he doesn't appear since the main focus is about Jasmine. While not appearing in the live-action remake of the original film, Aladdin's father is mentioned. While Aladdin explicitly states to Jasmine that his mother is dead, he responds that he "lost both his parents" when he was very little when she asks about his father, leaving it ambiguous as to whether or not he is alive in the remake.

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Sa'luk voiced by Jerry Orbach is the main antagonist of the third film. He is a ruthless, aggressive brute, and he seems to have pleasure in killing. Sa'luk is the right-hand man of Cassim, the King of Thieves. After the incident at the wedding, Sa'luk tried to strike Cassim only for Aladdin to intervene.

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Cassim avoids having Aladdin killed by having him fight Sa'luk in an initiation duel. After Aladdin supposedly kills Sa'luk by causing him to fall into the sea, Cassim states that the Code of the 40 Thieves is clear on this point and states that he is in. Though Sa'luk survives and makes his way to Agrabah.

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Sa'luk gives the hideout's password to Razoul in exchange for immunity from prosecution. This led to 31 of the 40 Thieves getting arrested, though a guard tells Razoul that the Sultan will not sentence them until after Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding. Sa'luk was displeased that Cassim is not among them as he informs Razoul that Aladdin's father is the King of Thieves. Sa'luk heads back to Mount Sesame and rallies the 7 thieves that evaded capture to side with him. When Cassim and Iago return to the hideout, they are captured by Sa'luk and forced to call forth the Oracle who leads them to the Vanishing Isle where the Hand of Midas is located.

During Aladdin and Cassim's fight with Sa'luk, the Hand of Midas is tossed where Sa'luk touched the hand part and is turned to gold. The Forty Thieves are a group of thieves and assassins that are led by Cassim with Sa'luk as his second-in-command. They make their headquarters in Mount Sesame by the sea where it can be accessed by saying "Open Sesame". That creates a path in the water to Mount Sesame. Cassim had a rule where its members are not to harm the innocent, much to the dismay of Sa'luk.

The Forty Thieves are first seen when they crash Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding looking for the Oracle. They fled after Aladdin and his friends fended them off. After learning about Cassim being "trapped in their world," Aladdin finds the Forty Thieves' hideout and spies on them. When Sa'luk got tired of Cassim's rule and tried to attack him, Aladdin intervened and revealed to Cassim that he is his son. To evade having Aladdin executed, Cassim had Aladdin fight Sa'luk in an initiation duel.

This fight was fierce until they end up on the cliffside where Sa'luk fell to his apparent death. The thieves pulled Aladdin up from the cliffside and brought him before Cassim. Cassim states to Aladdin "You killed Sa'luk.

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  • The Code of the 40 Thieves is clear on this point. You're in. Sa'luk is shown to have survived the fall and made his way to Agrabah. In exchange for amnesty from arrest, Sa'luk tells Razoul how to get into Mount Sesame. After Aladdin and Cassim left for Agrabah, Razoul and his guards show up. When Razoul forgets how the password goes, Fazahl quoted to Razoul that he thought the password he was told was Open Sesame.

    This grants Razoul passage into Mount Sesame which led to 33 of the 40 Thieves being thrown in the dungeon. They were enraged at Sa'luk for setting them up as a guard tells Razoul that the Sultan will not be able to sentence them until after Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding. Sa'luk then heads to Mount Sesame and persuades the 7 thieves that evaded capture that Cassim sold them out.

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    When Sa'luk and the 7 thieves capture Cassim and Iago upon his return, they take their boat out to sea as they use Cassim to activate the Oracle in order to find the Hand of Midas. This takes them to the Vanishing Isle as Iago escapes to warn Aladdin. After Aladdin, Genie, Carpet, and Iago arrive, Genie fights some of them before working to keep the giant turtle from diving. When Cassim throws the Hand of Midas to the sea, it hits the Sa'luk's boat before landing in the water.

    This leaves the 7 thieves working to survive their boat's sinking as they are left stranded in the ocean.

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    The Oracle voiced by CCH Pounder is an omniscient entity bound to a staff, who answers one question per person. It is being given as a gift at Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding.

    bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/citas-gratis-burlada.php It is through the Oracle that Aladdin found his father. After Cassim obtained the Oracle and was captured by Sa'luk, the Oracle was used to direct Sa'luk and the 7 thieves that evaded capture to the Vanishing Isle. Nasira voiced by Jodi Benson is Jafar's fraternal twin sister who tried to resurrect him. She is the main antagonist of the game. The Arachnid, also known as the Spider, is a giant arachnid with a monsterious appetite and a boss in the game.

    He appears as a huge black and yellow spider monster with a yellow skull on her hindquarters. Anubis is a minor villain in the game. His sorcery is also the source of the restorative magic of four golden Serpent Idols, the very artifacts sought after by Nasira in her plan of resurrect her twin brother Jafar from the dead. The Evil Sultan as he is called, is an evil monarch threatening to become the new ruler of Agrabah and a minor villain in the game. Sahara is Jasmine's late mother's horse who was the only one who could ride her.

    When Sahara was missing, Jasmine went looking for him and rode him back to Agrabah before her father noticed his disappearance. His name translates to "desert" in Arabic. Hakeem voiced by Zack Shada is a servant boy in the palace stables.