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For instance, models reproducing an osteoporotic condition can be useful to help understand the influence of the osteoporotic pathology on implant osseointegration. Induction of an osteoporotic condition has been proposed using different methods, including the surgical removal of gonadal tissues, which leads to the development of a systemic osteoporotic condition in both the peripheral and axial skeleton of animal. This might experimentally mimic the complex bone—implant interactions and the decrease in osteoinductive capacity that accompany osteoporotic conditions in humans [ 32 , 33 ].

Irrespective of the animal models, valuable information can be retrieved from properly designed in vivo experiments. Static and dynamic histomorphometrical and radiographical examinations as well as biomechanical testing are recommended to evaluate peri-implant osteogenesis where different surface modifications are compared. For instance, peri-implant bone contact and amount are commonly evaluated in vivo, and are examples of static parameters.

Differently, fluorescence analysis provides valuable dynamic measurements of the bone healing around implant surfaces. Finally, for an accurate judgment of the obtained results regarding peri-implant osteogenesis, an in vivo experimental setup should be well designed and statistical analysis should be well conducted [ 34 ]. The developments regarding implant surface modifications seem critical for bone healing and improving osseointegration at sites that lack sufficient quantity or quality of bone.

Thus, the research efforts at present are attempting to overcome the problems associated with implant complications that might arise in challenged bone conditions through the development of the surface-coated bone implants. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List J Funct Biomater v. J Funct Biomater. Published online Jan Hamdan S. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Received Nov 2; Accepted Jan 9. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Abstract Nowadays, dental implants have become more common treatment for replacing missing teeth and aim to improve chewing efficiency, physical health, and esthetics. Keywords: dental implants, osseointegration, bone regeneration, surface modifications. Introduction Dental implants have become a more common treatment for replacing missing teeth [ 1 ].

Open in a separate window. Figure 1. Design of Dental Implants and Primary Stability Over the last few decades, several implant-design concepts have been developed and are commercially available.

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Figure 2. The Importance in Surgical-Implantation Techniques Conventionally, the placement of dental implants sacrifices much bone tissue during the drilling procedure, which is performed with a consecutive series of surgical drills to prepare an implant bed fits the implant exactly. Physicochemical Surface Modifications for Dental Implants The osseointegration process relates to the all biological interactions between the host bone and implant surface.

Figure 3.


Drug-Based Implants Modification Additionally, new coating strategies to improve implant osseointegration involve the development of a dedicated drug-loading ability to locally target bone disorders around dental implants more effectively [ 28 ]. Experimental Models for Dental Implants For the investigation of the osseointegration of bone implants with a newly developed surface modification, animal experiments are of fundamental significance.

Conclusions The developments regarding implant surface modifications seem critical for bone healing and improving osseointegration at sites that lack sufficient quantity or quality of bone. Conflicts of Interest The author declares no conflict of interest. References 1. Branemark R. Osseointegration in skeletal reconstruction and rehabilitation: A review.

Kieswetter K. The role of implant surface characteristics in the healing of bone. Oral Biol.

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Puleo D. Understanding and controlling the bone—implant interface. Davies J. Understanding peri-implant endosseous healing.


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  • Osseointegration - Tampa, FL - Dental Implants.
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Marco F. Peri-implant osteogenesis in health and osteoporosis. Sykaras N. Implant materials, designs, and surface topographies: Their effect on osseointegration. A literature review. Steigenga J. Dental implant design and its relationship to long-term implant success. Shalabi M. I never thought it would be so easy. No hassles. Reviewing articles is no less a pain staking process and requires in depth perception, knowledge about the topic for review.

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